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Car Battery, Alternator & Starter Repair Services

It is important to have your starting and charging system checked by a trained technician on a regular basis - typically before extreme temperatures cause common problems of the car starting slowly or needing to be jump started.

For instance, heat is the primary cause of battery failure causing the water to evaporate, thus resulting in the positive charge plates to corrode more rapidly. On the other hand, extreme cold temperatures reduce the effectiveness of chemical reactions within the battery so in turn the battery's cranking power is weakened.

Cars also require additional cranking power in colder weather. An old or weak battery can't keep up with these temperature demands.

A vehicles starting and charging system consists of the battery, alternator, starter, and voltage regulator. Problems with starting or charging could be caused by wear or failure of any of these key components.

The battery stores electrical power for the starting system while starting and during periods of high electrical loads. Car battery life varies based on a variety of factors, however typically they are manufactured to last two to five years.

The alternator and voltage regulator provide power while the engine is running and maintains the battery's charge. The voltage regulator monitors the battery's state of charge and directs the alternator to recharge the battery as necessary.

At MasterTech Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians perform a series of tests to determine the cause and what services your vehicle requires to fix a car's engine starting or charging problem.

  1. The process starts with a simple, quick check of your battery using testing equipment that not only determines if your battery is good or bad, but also detect if the battery is in marginal condition and predict at what temperature it will likely fail at.
  2. MasterTech Auto Care stocks quality brand batteries with excellent warranties in cases of a simple battery replacement to solve your problem.
  3. Battery terminal cleaning and anti-corrosion coating. Replace battery cables in cases of corrosion damage.
  4. Check alternator and belt. A loose, worn or broken alternator belt is the most common cause for a charging system failure.

MasterTech Auto Care's Service Area

MasterTech Auto Care provides quality warrantied auto battery, starting, alternator and charging repair and replacement services to residents and businesses in the following Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake, Virginia.

MasterTech Auto Care is an authorized NAPA AutoCare Center employing ASE Certified auto repair technicians. We have served Hampton Roads for over 20 years with decades of combined foreign & domestic auto repair experience on staff.

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