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Automotive Radiator and Engine Cooling System

Your engine temperature system is an extremely important element of your vehicles health. MasterTech Auto Repair's ASE certified technicians will perform a professional inspection of the system, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated cost of repair. The engine cooling system is comprised of many different components that all must work correctly for the system to cool the engine properly. Any one component that fails can cause an engine overheating condition.

A breakdown in certain parts of this systems can result in the total loss of an engine and, of course, its related expensive repair or replacement. The best way to prevent engine overheating is to perform regular checks and maintenance on your automotive heating and cooling system.

Cooling System Components

The key repair or replacement components of an automobile's coolant system are:

  • Radiator
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Radiator Cap
  • Radiator Fan
  • Radiator Fan Clutch
  • Engine Coolant or Anti-Freeze
  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Fan or Serpentine Belts
  • Cooling Sensor
  • Heater Core
  • Heater Hoses

Recommended Maintenance

An engine's anti-freeze is recommended to be replaced every two years. We perform a complete radiator flushing service that includes the following:

  • Inspect system and pressure test for leaks
  • Add flush chemicals to the radiator
  • Power flush system through flush machine
  • Refill system with proper amount of anti-freeze
  • Add sealant/lubricant to the system
  • Offer a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty

Your vehicle owner's manual generally diagrams the layout of your particular car's heating and cooling system. Trouble points to look for include:

  • The Radiator - usually found behind the front grill of your car, check for holes in the face or breaches in the top or bottom cap where water is leaking out.
  • A pressurized Radiator Cap on top of the radiator; never remove this cap when the car is hot. Look for leaks or wear points to replace.
  • Radiator Hoses - most vehicles have an upper and a lower hose; check for wear and holes at any point of the hose.
  • The Water-Coolant Mix; acts to protect your vehicle against any extremes of temperature. Ensure that there is a proper ratio mix of water to anti-freeze.
  • A Valve at the bottom of the radiator you can release to empty or flush the coolant system.
  • A Thermostat; a component that regulates the temperature of the engine; over time, thermostats tend to stick open or closed, wear and malfunction.
  • A Water Pump; crucial to circulate water through the engine to keep it cool.
  • Fan Belt or Serpentine; generally operates the water pump. Wear and tear to this component will cause engine overheating if it breaks and should be replaced as part of a preventative maintenance item.

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MasterTech Auto Care provides quality warrantied auto radiator and engine coolant system repair and replacement services to residents and businesses in the following Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake, Virginia.

MasterTech Auto Care is a NAPA AutoCare Center employing ASE Certified auto repair technicians. We have served Hampton Roads for over 20 years with decades of combined foreign & domestic auto repair experience on staff.

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