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Symptoms of transmission problems can take several forms and have a number of possible causes. Some transmission problems require extensive repairs while others will only need an adjustment or minor service. A systematic check up by an ASE Certified transmission professional is usually necessary to establish the cause of operating problems and their solutions.

MasterTech Auto Care has been installing and servicing Jasper Transmissions for over 20 years. At Mastertech, you can purchase a completely re-manufactured JASPER Transmission and get back on the road worry-free.

Just call 757-490-1414 or schedule an appointment with us. Jasper will ship your transmission right to us, all ready to drop in to your vehicle with no guesswork.

Symptoms of Typical Transmission Problems Include Any of the Following:

  • Fresh Transmission Fluid Stains Under the Vehicle;
  • Shifting at Improper Speed Levels or Sense of Early-late Shifting;
  • Passing Gear Won’t Engage - No Surge of Power When Try to Accelerate;
  • Vehicle Moves Forward or Backward in Neutral as if Still In Gear;
  • Vehicle Tries to Move When in Park;
  • Vehicle Labors or Stalls on Take Off;
  • Vehicle Won’t Move or Shifts Late During the First Few Minutes of Operation;
  • Slippage - Engine Races but Vehicle Moves Slowly or Won’t Accelerate;
  • Noise or Harsh Feeling When Transmission is Placed in Gear or While Shifting From One Gear to Another.
  • Erratic Shifting - Shifts Are Sometimes Unexpected;
  • Speed at Which Shifts Occur Keeps Changing;
  • Rough Shifting - Clunking Into Gear;
  • The Shift Handle is Hard to Move in or Out of Any Position;
  • The Shift Indicator Must Be Slightly Off (P) or (N) to Start Car;
  • The Shift Indicator Doesn’t Point to the Proper Range;
  • A Burnt or Rancid Odor Coming From Under the Hood or Underneath the Vehicle;
  • Excessive Amounts of Debris Found in the Transmission Pan During an Inspection.

Transmission Replacement Warranty

We install JASPER with confidence. Every JASPER remanufactured transmission is backed by a nationwide, transferable 36 months/100,000 miles parts and labor warranty. Off-road receive an 18 month/75,000 mile parts and labor warranty. An available premium service plan includes towing and car rental. We gladly supply a full warranty disclosure on request.  See more Jasper Transmission warranty details here.

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MasterTech Auto Care is an authorized NAPA AutoCare Center employing ASE Certified auto repair technicians. We have served Hampton Roads for over 20 years with decades of combined foreign & domestic auto repair experience on staff.

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